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Burger Now - Burger Shop Game

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Burger Now - Burger Shop Game
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Burger Now - Burger Shop Game


Burger Now - Burger Shop Game puts you in the hot seat (pun intended) of a bustling burger joint. Customers flood through the doors, each with a craving for a perfectly crafted burger. Your job is to fulfill those cravings quickly and efficiently by assembling burgers according to their specific orders.

How to Play

  1. Welcome the Customers: Get ready for a rush! Customers will appear on the screen with their burger orders displayed above their heads. Each order will show a specific sequence of burger ingredients.

  2. Assemble the Burgers: Don't worry about grilling patties or chopping veggies – all the ingredients are prepped and ready to go. Your job is to take the prepared ingredients and stack them on a bun in the exact order shown on the customer's order.

  3. Serve it Up! Once the burger is assembled correctly, tap on it to serve it to the customer. They'll chow down with glee (and hopefully leave you a nice tip!).

  4. Keep the Rush Flowing: Time is money! The faster you can assemble and serve burgers, the more points and coins you'll earn. Don't let the customers wait too long, or they might get grumpy and leave!

  5. Upgrade Your Shop: As you earn coins, you can use them to upgrade your burger joint. This might include unlocking new ingredients, expanding your counter space to handle more customers, or even adding fancy decorations to attract even hungrier crowds.


  • Master the Order: Pay close attention to the ingredient sequence on each customer's order. A misplaced pickle can mean a disappointed customer!
  • Prioritize Orders: If multiple customers are waiting, focus on the orders with the fewest ingredients first. This will help you clear the queue faster and keep everyone happy.
  • Double-Check Before Serving: Before tapping to serve, take a quick second to make sure the burger is assembled correctly. A wrong order is worse than no order at all!
  • Use Power-Ups Wisely: Keep an eye out for power-ups that might appear during gameplay. These could be anything from speed boosts to extra points. Use them strategically to maximize your efficiency and earnings.
  • Upgrade Wisely: Don't waste your hard-earned coins on unnecessary upgrades. Focus on improvements that will directly impact your gameplay, like faster ingredient assembly or increased customer patience.

With a little practice and these helpful tips, you'll be a burger building pro in no time! So grab your spatula, get ready to stack those patties, and turn Burger Now into the most popular burger joint in town!

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