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How to Play

In Card Cafe players immerse themselves in a unique cooking simulation and management experience where everything is represented by cards. To play, use the left mouse button to interact with in-game buttons. When preparing dishes or serving customers, drag the left-click to move card positions. This movement is essential for combining cards to create new dishes or fulfill customer orders. The mouse wheel allows you to zoom in and out, providing a better view of your cafe layout. To pause the game, press the Space bar or 'P' key. As you progress, you unlock new cards, earn money, buy new items, and expand your cafe.


  1. Combine Cards Strategically: Always look for the best combinations to maximize your dish output and efficiency. The right card combinations can speed up service and improve customer satisfaction.

  2. Upgrade Your Cards: As you earn money, invest in upgrading your cards. Better cards mean better dishes and faster service, which in turn attracts more customers and increases profits.

  3. Manage Space Wisely: Use the zoom feature to manage your cafe's layout effectively. Ensure that your card placements are optimized for quick access and efficient service.

  4. Pause to Plan: Don’t hesitate to use the pause function to plan your next moves. This can help you strategize without the pressure of ongoing customer demands.

  5. Keep an Eye on Customer Preferences: Pay attention to the types of dishes your customers prefer and adjust your card combinations accordingly to keep them happy and coming back.

By following these tips, you'll be able to grow your Card Cafe, unlock new possibilities, and become a top chef in the card-based culinary world.

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