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Funny Shopping Supermarket

Funny Shopping Supermarket


How to play Funny Shopping Supermarket

Playing Funny Shopping Supermarket is an enjoyable and straightforward experience. Follow these steps to dive into the fun:

  1. Navigate Hippo: Guide Hippo through the aisles of the supermarket.
  2. Find Items: Locate and click on the items listed on your shopping list.
  3. Add to Bag: As you find each item, it automatically adds to your grocery bag.
  4. Head to Cashier: Once your list is complete, steer Hippo towards the cashier to pay for your items.

Each level increases in complexity with longer shopping lists, adding to the challenge and excitement of the game.

Tips and Tricks

To maximize your success in Funny Shopping Supermarket, consider these tips:

  1. Speed is Key: Move quickly through the aisles to find all items on your list.
  2. Plan Efficiently: Before starting, glance through your shopping list to plan the most efficient route.
  3. Pay at Cashier: Remember to complete your shopping trip by paying at the cashier. It's essential for finishing each level successfully.


Explore the features that make Funny Shopping Supermarket a delightful game:

  • Variety of Products: From everyday groceries to specialty items, the supermarket offers a wide range of products.
  • Achievements: Earn achievements as you progress, adding an extra layer of challenge and enjoyment.
  • Learning Experience: Ideal for children to learn about shopping while having fun.
  • Adorable Characters: Play as Hippo and his friends, each with their unique charm, making the game even more enjoyable.

Join Hippo and friends on an exciting shopping adventure that combines entertainment with valuable learning experiences!

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