Little Pandas Food Cooking

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Little Pandas Food Cooking

Little Pandas Food Cooking


How to Play Little Panda's Food Cooking

In Little Panda's Food Cooking you embark on a culinary adventure with Qiqi, exploring various delicious treats like candy, juice, snacks, and oden. Here’s how you can get started:


  • Use your mouse to click and drag ingredients or utensils.


  • Simply tap and slide your finger across the screen to interact with the game.

Tips for Mastering Little Panda's Food Cooking

  1. Making Rainbow Juice:

    • Aim at the fruit displayed on the cutting board and swiftly slice through watermelon, apples, bananas, and oranges in one clean cut to create delightful rainbow juice. Efficiency is key!
  2. Barbecue Delights:

    • Visit the barbecue stall where you can grill sausages and mushrooms. Enhance the flavors by spreading sweet tomato sauce on sausages and sprinkling salt and paprika on mushrooms. Enjoy the sizzle!
  3. Candy Packing Strategy:

    • To pack candies quickly, match 3 or more candies of the same type in a row. Plan your moves strategically to clear them efficiently.
  4. Cooking Oden:

    • Select meatballs and crab sticks, then place them into the Jiugongge pot for cooking. Remember where each item is placed to open the correct pot and savor the delicious oden.
  5. Refreshing Break with Juice:

    • After indulging in various treats, refresh yourself with a glass of juice. Aim carefully at the fruits and swiftly slice through them to prepare the colorful rainbow juice once again.


  • Versatility: Explore a wide range of foods from candy to oden, each with its own unique preparation method.
  • Accessibility: Play seamlessly on desktops, mobile phones, and tablets with intuitive controls..

Enjoy the delightful world of food preparation and culinary creativity with Little Panda's Food Cooking!

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