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About Papa Louie

Papa Louie is back, but this time he's trading his chef hat for an adventurer's gear! His legendary pizza recipe has taken an unexpected turn - the pizzas have come to life! Now, Papa Louie must embark on a platforming adventure to save his customers and bring his creations under control. This is a unique twist on the Papa Louie games, offering a refreshing change of pace from the usual culinary challenges.

How to Play

Papa's Pizzeria: Bite Back! is a 2D platformer where you control Papa Louie with just your keyboard.

  • Controls:
    • Left/Right Arrow: Move Left/Right
    • Down Arrow: Pick Up/Put Down Pizza
    • Spacebar: Jump (Hold to Glide)
    • Z: Paddle Attack
    • X: Throw Pepper Bomb

Your goal is to defeat the pizza monsters in each level and then deliver the rescued pizzas to your customers. Keep an eye on your health meter (hearts) at the bottom of the screen. If you lose all your hearts, it's back to the beginning of the level!

Gameplay Breakdown

  • You start on the left side of the level and need to make your way to the right. Gain momentum and build up a good running speed.
  • Most enemies can be defeated with your trusty pizza paddle.
  • Pizza monsters are tougher. They throw cheese projectiles you need to hit back with your paddle to defeat them.
  • Pepper bombs can be collected and thrown to clear out enemies strategically.
  • Defeated pizza monsters become regular pizzas. Collect them all and deliver them to the counterweight at the end of the level to free your customers. (Be careful! You can't attack or glide while carrying pizza, and getting hit will make you drop them.)
  • Coins and bonuses scattered throughout the level offer additional rewards for upgrades like more pepper bombs.

Tips and Tricks

  • Papa Louie can get speedy! Be cautious not to run into enemies that appear unexpectedly.
  • Watch out for areas with multiple enemies that might try to overwhelm you.
  • Save your pepper bombs for tough pizza monsters to eliminate them quickly and safely.

Master your platforming skills, defeat the pizza uprising, and become a hero in Papa Louie's Pizzeria: Bite Back!

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