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Papa Louie the Prank King

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Papa Louie the Prank King
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Papa Louie the Prank King


Papa Louie the Prank King is an exciting platformer where you step into the shoes of Papa Louie, a legendary prankster who finds himself transported to bizarre worlds inside pizza boxes. Your mission is to navigate through these worlds, battling monstrous food creatures, rescuing pizzas, and freeing your employees and customers from captivity.

How to Play

In each level, you'll encounter various challenges and enemies. Your primary task is to keep Papa Louie alive while collecting all the pizzas scattered throughout the level. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Movement: Use the left arrow key to walk left and the right arrow key to walk right.
  2. Jumping and Gliding: Press the space bar to jump. If you press the space bar while in mid-air, Papa Louie will glide using his hat, allowing you to reach distant platforms or avoid obstacles.
  3. Attacks: Use the Z key for melee attacks with a bat and the X key for ranged attacks with pepper bombs.
  4. Combat: Battle various food monsters, such as pizza monsters and sandwiches with legs. Each type of enemy may require a different strategy. For instance, cheese monsters can only be defeated by hitting back the balls of cheese they throw at you.
  5. Rescue Missions: At the end of each level, you'll find your employees and customers held captive. Freeing them is essential to complete the mission and progress to the next level.


  1. Master the Controls: Familiarize yourself with the controls early on. Efficient movement and quick reflexes are key to surviving the platforming challenges and defeating enemies.
  2. Strategize Your Attacks: Different enemies require different tactics. Use melee attacks for close encounters and pepper bombs for distant or particularly tough foes. Always be ready to dodge incoming attacks.
  3. Use Your Gliding Ability: The gliding ability is crucial for navigating tricky platforms and avoiding hazards. Use it wisely to make precise jumps and reach difficult spots.
  4. Collect All Pizzas: Ensure you pick up all the pizzas in each level. Not only are they essential for progressing in the game, but they also often lead you to hidden areas and bonuses.
  5. Stay Alert: Keep an eye out for hidden paths and secret areas. The levels are designed with numerous surprises that can give you an edge.

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The Papa Louie, the Prank King franchise is part of a beloved series of online games. Many classics from this series were initially created using Flash, but you can now play Papa Louie, the Prank King directly in your web browser without the need for Flash. If you enjoy this game, you might also like other cooking-themed games available online.


  • Play as Papa Louie: Experience the thrill of being the legendary Prank King himself.
  • Battle Culinary Monsters: Engage in exciting battles with various food-based enemies.
  • Rescue Missions: Save precious pizzas, employees, and customers from captivity.
  • Challenging Levels: Navigate through creatively designed levels filled with challenges and surprises.


  • Left arrow key: Walk left
  • Right arrow key: Walk right
  • Space: Jump / Glide using the hat (if pressed mid-air)
  • Z: Melee attack
  • X: Pepper (ranged) attack

With these tips and controls in mind, you're ready to dive into the whimsical and challenging world of Papa Louie, the Prank King. Enjoy the adventure and save those pizzas!

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