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About Papa's Pizzeria

Welcome back to Papa's Pizzeria! Get ready to fire up the oven and dish out delicious pizzas because you're now in charge! Papa Louie has left town unexpectedly, and it's up to you to keep the pizzeria running smoothly.

How to play

The game gently guides you through the art of pizza making. Take customer orders, then add the requested toppings with precision. Once your pizza is complete, send it to the oven and cook it according to the timer. Finally, slice it perfectly and serve it to your hungry patrons before they lose patience.

Master Time Management

As you progress, you'll face increasing pressure. More customers will arrive with more complex orders, making time management crucial. Here's a tip: prioritize orders with longer cook times. This allows you to focus on preparing other pizzas while keeping waiting times short and customers happy. Mastering multitasking is key to maximizing your tips.

Know Your Customers

A unique feature in Papa's Pizzeria is the customer log. This handy book, unlocked as you meet regulars, details their pizza preferences. Keep an eye on it to learn what your customers love and tailor your creations accordingly.

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  • Run Papa's Pizzeria in his absence!
  • Craft pizzas from scratch and satisfy your customers.
  • Manage diverse toppings, cook times, and slicing styles.
  • Juggle responsibilities as the customer flow intensifies.
  • Earn rewards for baking pizza perfection.

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