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Papa's Scooperia


Papa's Scooperia throws you headfirst into the world of sundae creation! 

How to play

  • The Basics: You run a sundae shop, taking orders from customers, building their sundaes according to their requests, and collecting payment. It's a two-station operation:

    • Station 1: Build a Cookie Base: Here you'll prep the foundation for your sundaes. Customers will order a specific type of cookie, so you'll need to grab the right dough, toss it on the grill, and bake it to perfection. Watch the timer to avoid burning!

    • Station 2: Sundae Station: This is where the magic happens! Customers will specify the type and number of ice cream scoops they want, along with syrups, toppings, and a cherry on top. Use your mouse to strategically scoop ice cream, drag and drop syrups and toppings, and ensure everything is beautifully presented.

  • Time Management: The key to success lies in managing your time effectively. Customers arrive at a steady pace, so multitasking is essential. Keep an eye on the cookie grill while scooping ice cream, ensuring a smooth flow of sundae creation.

  • Progression: As you progress, customers will order more complex sundaes with multiple scoops and toppings. You'll also unlock new ingredients and upgrades for your shop.

Tips & Tricks for Papa's Scooperia Mastery

  • Prioritize: Always prioritize tasks that are closest to completion. A burnt cookie is a lost sale, so keep an eye on the grill!

  • Double Up: When possible, try scooping two ice cream flavors at once to save time.

  • Combo Power: Completing orders quickly earns you combos, which translates to bigger tips. Aim for efficient sundae construction to maximize your profits.

  • Upgrade Wisely: Invest your hard-earned tips in upgrades that improve your efficiency, like faster grills or additional topping stations.

  • Keep Calm: Don't get overwhelmed during rushes! Focus on completing each task at hand, and soon the chaos will transform into a well-oiled sundae-making machine.

With a dash of practice and these handy tips, you'll be a Papa's Scooperia master in no time! So grab your spatula, fire up the grill, and get ready to dish out some delicious – and strategically crafted – sundaes!

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