Pizza Mania


Pizza Mania is a fast-paced game that throws you right into the heart of a bustling pizzeria. Get ready to test your skills as you take customer orders, assemble pizzas with precision, and keep everyone happy.

How to play

  1. Taking Orders: Customers will arrive with specific pizza preferences. Pay close attention to their requests - they'll appear on the screen or through dialogue boxes. Each order will detail the crust type, sauce, and desired toppings.

  2. Pizza Crafting: Once you've memorized the order, head over to the pizza prep area. Here, you'll find all the ingredients you need, from classic pepperoni and gooey cheese to more exotic options. Drag and drop the ingredients onto the pizza base, ensuring you don't miss any toppings!

  3. Time Management: Time is of the essence in Pizza Mania! Customers get impatient quickly, and their satisfaction level will decrease if they wait too long. Work swiftly and prioritize orders to avoid unhappy patrons who might leave without paying.

  4. Keeping Customers Happy: A happy customer is a paying customer! While speed is important, accuracy is key. A pizza missing a topping or burnt in the oven will surely disappoint. Maintain a balance between speed and quality to keep your customers coming back for more.

  5. Investing in Success: As you progress in Pizza Mania and rake in the dough (pun intended!), you'll unlock the ability to purchase additional items. Consider investing in drinks like cola to appease waiting customers. A happy customer waiting with a cool beverage is much more likely to remain patient than a hungry one!


Now that you know the basics, here are some insider tips to help you dominate the pizza-making scene:

  • Double-check orders: Before tossing pizzas in the oven, take a quick second to confirm you've added all the requested ingredients. A quick double-check can save you from frustrated customers and wasted ingredients.
  • Prioritize complex orders: If you see an order with several toppings, prioritize it. These pizzas take longer to assemble, and delaying them can lead to a domino effect of unhappy customers.
  • Upgrade your equipment: As you progress, consider upgrading your oven or prep area. This can significantly reduce cooking times and streamline the pizza-making process.
  • Learn the layout: Familiarize yourself with the location of ingredients. Knowing exactly where to find each topping can shave off precious seconds during hectic moments.
  • Don't get overwhelmed: Pizza Mania can get intense! If things get crazy, take a deep breath and focus on completing one order at a time.

With practice, patience, and a dash of these tips, you'll be churning out delicious pizzas and keeping your customers satisfied in no time! So grab your spatula, fire up the oven, and get ready to experience the fast-paced fun of Pizza Mania!

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