Miniature Monkey Market

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Miniature Monkey Market

Miniature Monkey Market


Mini Monkey Mart you take charge of a mini-market catering to a group of monkeys in need of groceries.

How to Play

To begin playing Mini Monkey Mart, follow these steps:

  1. Grow Bananas: Start by cultivating bananas, the favorite food of the monkeys. Ensure they are ripe and ready to be sold.

  2. Sell Bananas and Eggs: Place ripe bananas and chicken eggs (fed with bananas) on the counter to attract customers.

  3. Expand and Upgrade: Use the earnings to open new sections and introduce more items like milk, flour, bread, and canned banana puree.

  4. Hire Staff: As your mini-market grows, hire additional staff to manage operations and serve the increasing number of customers.


  • Efficient Management: Focus on stocking up on popular items like bananas and eggs to keep customers satisfied and maximize profits.

  • Upgrade Wisely: Invest in new products and stalls strategically to expand your market and increase revenue.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Keep an eye on customer preferences and ensure shelves are always stocked with fresh products to enhance customer experience.

  • Economic Growth: As your business flourishes, reinvest profits into improving infrastructure and hiring competent staff for smoother operations.

Enjoy the challenge of running Mini Monkey Mart and watch your monkey business thrive!

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