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Papa’s Cupcakeria a charming restaurant simulation game, puts you in the shoes of a new employee at Papa Louie's latest establishment. After a staged car crash orchestrated by Papa Louie and Roy, you find yourself working off a debt at the Cupcakeria. Choose to play as James, Willow, or create your own custom character as you embark on your cupcake-making adventure.

How to play

It’s a Piece of Cake to Bake a Pretty Cake! The game begins with taking your first customer orders. Select a beautiful cupcake liner, fill it with batter, and bake it to perfection. The true challenge lies in the build station, where you meticulously add various frostings and toppings, such as sprinkles and sauces. Strive to make each cupcake as close to perfect as possible to earn high customer satisfaction scores.

Unwind After a Day of Cake Cookery Each day at the Cupcakeria brings a new opportunity to hone your baking skills. After your shift, relax with seven enjoyable minigames. You receive three tickets to play these games, and winning rewards you with useful items to enhance your gameplay. Additionally, you can use the tips you earn to purchase new decorations and equipment for the restaurant.

Decorate Beyond the Cake Enhancing the Cupcakeria isn’t limited to cupcakes alone. Purchase decorative items like tables and posters to improve customer waiting times, and upgrade your baking equipment to streamline the food preparation process. Over time, transform the Cupcakeria into a visually stunning and efficient establishment, complete with stylish furniture, flooring, and walls to impress your customers.


Master the Basics Begin by mastering the essential steps of taking orders, baking, and decorating. Pay attention to each customer’s preferences and try to replicate their desired cupcake as accurately as possible.

Upgrade Strategically Use your tips and minigame rewards wisely. Prioritize purchasing items that improve customer waiting times and streamline the baking process. Upgraded equipment and appealing decorations can significantly boost your efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Practice Precision Precision is key in the build station. Take your time to carefully add frostings and toppings. A well-decorated cupcake will earn higher scores and larger tips from your customers.

Stay Organized As the number of daily orders increases, staying organized is crucial. Keep track of each order and manage your time effectively to ensure every cupcake is baked and decorated to perfection.

Enjoy the Minigames The minigames are not only fun but also beneficial. Use them to unwind and earn useful rewards that can help you in the main game. Make the most of your three tickets each day to maximize your rewards.

By following these guidelines and tips, you can help Papa Louie turn Papa’s Cupcakeria into the hottest cupcake spot in town!

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